A bond like figurine stretching his arm to signal stop.
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We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all KLONZ are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!

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Indiana KLONZ
KLONZ Lennon
KLONZ McCartney
KLONZ Harrison
Wonder KLONZ
more to come ...

Be Any
You Wanna Be!

The KLONZ is a brand new series of NFT collectibles. The stylized, weird characters, created by 3D storyboard artist Robert Schlunze, resemble famous movie stars, historic characters, monsters, super heroes and many more. The KLONZverse will expand … into the metaverse and beyond!


Genesis KLONZ

Genesis KLONZ is a collection of 333 animated 3D KLONZ based on 20 (+3) different characters, some are more often and some are really rare!

3 of them are very special: YOU can be a KLONZ!

We start some campaigns, the winner of each campaign can submit a photo in his or her favorite outfit and will be KLONZified.

These 3 user KLONZ are unique and will be sent directly to the winner's wallet after completion.

As the owner of a Genesis KLONZ you enjoy a number of advantages:

  • On the following collection – The KLONZ Of A 1,000 Faces – you can mint 2 KLONZ for free (gas only)
  • On all following ROKATOONZ own collections you get 1 free mint
  • On ROKATOONZ partner collections you get a whitelist spot and maybe even a discount or free mint (depending on partners)
  • Free access to all our rockin' ROKATOONZ events
  • ... more benefits will be announced over the next months


First campaign
Follow, like and retweet – easy, right?!
We will pin a tweet on twitter and our website. Just follow us, like it, retweet and tell all your friends about the KLONZ! The winner will be drawn when minting starts.
First Campaign Tweet

Second campaign
Will be announced soon

Third campaign
Will be announced soon

KLONZ Collection

The KLONZ Of A 1,000 Faces

The KLONZ Of A 1,000 Faces is a PFP collection of 7777 KLONZ mugshots. What's especially special about it is that you do not mint any KLONZ. You can create and mint your very own special KLONZ with our KLONZfigurator. The minting will be done secretly so only you know the KLONZ you have KLONZfigurated. Two weeks after minting starts – or when all KLONZ are sold out – the reveal will start and all KLONZ will be uncovered!

Will YOU be the one to KLONZ the rarest?


The KLONZ are different, the KLONZ are special and the KLONZ love their community! They know: only together we are KLONZ!

That is the reason why the KLONZ roadmap is just not like any other! We want to get YOU involved. Our roadmap is just a basic one, to have room for your ideas! On our discord server there will be a channel for ideas. There you can post your ideas and wishes and discuss them with others. Do you want a special KLONZ edition of any kind? Suggest it! Don't ask for "Pirates", though – we already have them on the agenda. At a certain point in time – that will be announced – we will close the channel and review the proposals. 9 ideas will be picked and we will have a community voting. The 3 proposals with the most votes from the community will be added to the roadmap and the members who have had the ideas will be rewarded with a Genesis KLONZ.

  • 11% minted
    Some very cool KLONZ merchandise will be produced
  • 33% minted
    Short film production: The making of the KLONZ
  • 55% minted
    first KLONZ mini game
  • 66% minted
    second KLONZ mini game
  • 77% minted
    the spectacular KLONZ Pirate Collection – KLONZ owner will receive a bottle of rum via airdrop – drink it and your KLONZ will turn into a fearsome pirate!
  • 88% minted
    The Pirate KLONZ Game "Treasure KLONZ"
  • 99% minted
    We will hold the first KLONZvention in the KLONZverse and the real world!

* details to each action will be revealed when the minting level is reached